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Our company officially launched its work in the Turkish Republic – Izmir State in 2013 with the expertise of its founding cadres in the field of marble industry and trade and engineering project management


Dalil Marmar works in the investment sector and the manufacture and export of Turkish marble of all kinds where the company owns the Marble Mine Usak White, which is considered one of the most important varieties used in large projects

Our company supplies many factories in the Turkish, Chinese and Egyptian  market with raw material of this type in addition to many types of raw blocks available from our company to bring the total varieties available from our company to 45 different types of Turkish marble of various sizes and grades of quality.

The company also has a multi-activity in the Turkish marble industry where our company operates a system of financing the production plans of many factories in various regions of the Turkish Republic, which gives us the possibility to provide many varieties of Turkish marble with quality and the right price for all consumer deductions in the international marble market.


Our export plans focus on two main axes

The first axis is to supply wholesale and retail warehouses spread all over the world in various types of Turkish marble and all the values required by the target markets and to meet the plans of a deliberate supply that takes into account the competitiveness of the market while ensuring the permanent excellence of our customers in quality and price and this is accomplished by keeping customers informed of all the data and developments of the market and providing them with the latest materials discovered and informing them about the latest production technologies

The second axis is based on the direct supply of public and private projects at all levels where our company has an experience that we are proud of in this field through the precedent of large-spectrum work, including the projects of the Engineering Department of the Saudi Ministry of Defense and the military housing project in the Jordanian Ministry of Defense in addition to many projects in Sheikh Zayed City and the first sustainable city project of the Government of Sharjah  In the United Arab Emirates, the Dasman Palace project in Kuwait, the Bank of Astana project in Kazakhstan and many private hotel and villa projects .

Our services reach more than 27 countries around the world from all countries of the Arab world to the United States of America, Canada, China and Kazakhstan.

In addition to the best types of marble, our company provides engineering advice inherent in the stages of completion and post-sales services and field statements on the work sites as well as provide the implementation cadres with the latest engineering technologies that ensure the success of the project and its completion in accordance with the latest  international  quality standards.


Our company seeks to provide a different vision in the world of marble, marble is a natural material that contains many aspects of beauty, but showing it requires  sufficient creativity in the field of design and adequate experience in the field of industry and commerce, which ensures keeping up with the requirements of customers and obtaining their satisfaction.

Our company takes its motto (Creativity made of stone) in an attempt to try us and in a constant quest to overcome all the difficulties that plague this sector and provide the best service.

We strive to achieve this vision by focusing absolutely on the factors of quality, time, and competitive prices. In addition to keeping up with our customers’ business plans and to complete engineering projects as required by our full responsibility towards our valued customers

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